Why Legends

One question potential franchisees often ask is, “Why should I buy a franchise?  Why not just go out and start my own business?” And certainly, some people do enter the business world in that manner.  So what is the real value of purchasing a franchise rather than “going it alone”?


First, on your own, you likely will face the headwinds of large learning and experience curves. What are the right types of social media or local publications to advertise in? What type(s) of insurance should I carry? Are there collateral materials that would best market my business?


Without the professional training, business experience, or connections it takes to succeed, it is obviously difficult to get off the ground. Many small business owners begin by hiring third party professionals with the experience they lack just for advice. Let’s face it: opening your own business independently takes a lot of time and money.

That is not to say that franchising doesn’t require time and money as well. However, as a Legends franchisee you will enjoy several advantages that a stand-alone, independent start-up does not. Legends franchisees are all offered accumulated experience, know-how, business practices and operating plans that come from over fifteen years of experience in your chosen field of business. The Legends Sports Leagues opportunity provides you with a ready-made framework within which to build a successful business.


In addition, Legends franchisees will enjoy name-brand recognition and a network of support that provides an immediate and distinct competitive edge over the independent, stand-alone business model.  Franchisees can avoid that costly trial-and-error period that is known to cause so many problems for start-up businesses.  As a Legends Franchisee, you will be better positioned to “hit the ground running”.


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