Our History

Ron Cortese, Legends Founder, has always been the consummate sports fan. In addition to Ron’s background as an amateur athlete, having played NCAA Tennis in college, Ron has extensive experience in running corporate sports leagues.


Legends can be traced back to the year 2000.  Ron was playing in a Northern Virginia adult recreational baseball league when he had an epiphany following the news that the league was up for sale. Ron worked in IT at the time and can still remember thinking, “it would be nice to try something different!” After doing his due diligence Ron decided to try to buy the league.  In the end the purchase of that particular league did not go through, but the idea and desire was established.  After some time had passed, Ron decided to “start from scratch and build (his) own league” in Fairfax County, the largest county in Virginia.

Ron began with Adult Baseball in 2006, followed by Adult Basketball, rapidly expanding the number of participants in both sports as both did very well, very quickly.  As a result, Ron continued to expand into youth basketball, and adult and youth golf leagues. More recently this has included pickleball leagues and tournaments.


“My first challenge was to get the word out,” is how Ron put it.  “But once I did, we began to grow.” Ron Cortese has made the Legends Sports Leagues concept a great success story in Northern Virginia for the past 14 years, and now he is ready to expand the Legends Sports Leagues name and brand throughout Virginia and beyond.  It’s time to take this unique business model to the next level by offering franchising opportunities.


In 2019 Ron signed his first franchisee, Aaron Adams.  Aaron is the founder and head of Alexandria Legends Sports Leagues for adult and youth basketball, and for adult and youth pickleball.  Although expansion has obviously been severely hampered by COVID-19, things are looking bright for 2021 and beyond!


Are you ready to be a member of the Legends Sports Leagues Team? If yes, please fill out the Request Information Page as the first step to becoming a franchisee.