With legends sports leagues you can

develop legends

Legends Sports Leagues franchise offers the opportunity to be part of a unique and exciting business venture.  As owner and operator of a Legends Sports Leagues franchise you will build and manage organized adult and youth sports leagues, tournaments and other recreational events within your defined Franchise Territory. Legends sports include basketball, baseball, pickleball and other sports.

Be unique

Legends Sports Leagues Franchises:

– Offer both individual and team registrations

– Run leagues throughout the year, including the “off-seasons” for sports.

– Benefit from the personal touch provided by league management, including Legends Founder Ron Cortese.

– Allow for Inter-Franchise games (think MLB Interleague play) and Regional Playoffs (additional rounds of playoffs beyond your league championships).

– Incorporate special rules to ensure playing time for everyone when appropriate (i.e. certain youth divisions).

have fun

Legends Sports Leagues focus on recreation.  Rather than “winning at all costs”, we strive to foster camaraderie within and across teams. Our philosophy is based on fairness and participation for all.

Legends Sports Leagues has served Northern Virginia market demand since 2006 by delivering a well thought out, methodical business approach. Our franchises are backed up by excellent brand name recognition and offer solid income potential.  In addition, Franchises can be operated out of a home office.


Why legends?

The Legends Sports Leagues’ franchise opportunity provides you with a ready-made framework within which to build a successful business. Start your journey with Legends Sports Leagues today!


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